There are things naturally photogenic. I would say that almost all things can be photogenic. But some do not require great effort to achieve this.  Carrasqueira has got everything, a sunrise, a sunset, a great color. Textures. The wrinkles. Of immense beauty. It has got the mud, the water, the wood, the boats, the huts, the lizards, the light, the sun, the sky, the rain, the stars and the moon. We hear breathing. Even the mosquitos have got a gloden light! Enough things to keep us there for days and days and discover new pieces every day … impossible to discover everything.


A Yurt at “Tamanco”

I found “Tamanco”. I found what a “yurt” was. It’s a former Mongolian construction, still in used in few small places. It is near by “Louriçal”, Pombal. Nobody is at the entrance. Nobody answers either the bell, neither the phone. We went inside a different place. We were received by ducks, roosters and cheeses that do not care about us. We went inside the restaurant, where a few Northern European are having dinner. They told us to choose any place and offered a delicious dinner. A big fire place warms the night, even being in May, nights are still cold. Simple decoration but accurate selection. Few beautiful “yurts” are spread around the camping, with colourful cotton covers and textiles around. There is a bicycle way to the beach, 15km away, and we go to feel the smell from the sea…